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Narmada Parikrama by Car

                                           || Ram Krushna Hari ||

I am performing "Ashadhi Wari" from Dehu to Pandharpur on foot for last 14 years with the blessings of H. B. P. Shri. Sudammaharaj and enjoying the existence of GOD. As inspired by him, Only because of him, I started daily nitya-nem of chanting Bhagwat Gita 9,12 & 15 aghyay & vishnu sahasranam in the morning & haripath in the evening.  

It was my wish to perform Narmada Parikrama by walk since last 4-5 years. In 2010, Mrs & Mr. Honap, our warakari friend, performed parikrama by bus through Gayatri Travels, Pune. Since then they were suggesting me to perform the parikrama by vehicle once before performing the same by walk. However, I was firm to perform the same by walk first. Once they were sharing their experience & then my wife, Sadhana expressed her wish for performing parikrama by vehicle as she cannot think to perform the same by walk.

I am very thankful to Mrs & Mr. Honap, because of their experience sharing on parikrama, my wife inspired & expressed her wish to perform Narmada Parikrama by Vehicle and thus decided to perform Narmada Parikrama by our own Alto car driven by me in Dec. 2011. We started on 19th Dec. 2011 & completed on 31st Dec. 2011 i.e. in 13 days. On1st January 2012, New Year day, we performed 'Omkareshwar Parikrama'.

The details are narrated in three sections - Background & preparation, Activities & experiences and Travel plan.

I - Background & preparation:

|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर ||
Background & Preparation
About parikrama:
Narmada, literally ‘the goddess that bestows joy’, is the only river in the world which has a tradition of a parikrama, or ritual circumambulation, through its entire length of 1300+ KMs (from her origin at Amarkantak to the sea at Bharuch). The Parikrama can be started from any point  along the banks of Narmada to return to the same point after complete circumambulation. Traditionally Omkareshwar and Amarkantak have become two more popular places to commence the Parikrama. One should keep Narmada to his right side while moving along the river.

One should keep in mind that “Parikrama is a not a picnic or recreation, it is an adventurous spiritual journey around the sacred river through hills, dense forests, gorges, ravines, rocky patches, caves, plateaus and plains.

As it is rightly said "Ganga Snan, Yamuna Pan, Tapi Smaaran and Reva Darshan" is the way to attain 'Moksha'.

People doing Narmada Parikrama also claim that Maa Narmada takes cares and looks after the hardships and needs of all those who undertake the Parikrama. She is a living deity to the parikramawasi with whom they interact and communicate at mental and spiritual level.

It is said that Narmada is the daughter of Har or Shiva. She was born out of Shiv’s sweat, she is Shivsutaa and Jatashankari.

After completing parikrama, one should perform parikrama of Omkareshwar.
Many many thanks to Shri. Suhasji Limaye, Pune who performed parikrama by foot in 2002 & narrated experience in his book "Narmade Har | Har Narmade" & his wife Smt. Savita Limaye, who performed Parikrama by vehicle. Both have shared their experience & had very good suggestions & provided their blessings.
Many thanks to Mr. Ameya Deshpande, Pune who performed the same by his car along with his parents in Jan. 2011. Thanks for narrating his experience on internet blog ( & sharing information & providing guidance to us from time to time. Many thanks to Mrs. & Mr. Bhide of Gayatri Travels, Pune for providing guidance. Many thanks to Mrs. Alka Bhegde for providing her best wishes & pharali groundnut laddu;
Special mention for guidance & support provided by Shri. Mahantji at Dharmashala, Kathpor & Shri Sanjayji Shrivas of narmada Sahitya Bhandar, Amarkantak.
We also thankful to everybody who have provided us their support, blessings, wishes & timely guidance.
We had the following preparation based on the winter season;
1. Had daily regular requirements - cloths, Sweater, Shawl, Kantopi, tooth brush, tongue cleaner, medicine;
2. Portable commode;
3. Tubeless tyre puncture kit;
4. Bedding, bed sheet, blanket, pillow;
5. Eatables snacks;
6. Photo Identity proofs - Pan Card & Election Card
7. Address proof
8. Bucket & jug for bath
9. Camera - rechargeable cells in two sets
10. A candle and a match box, Torch or Emergency Lamp
11. Mosquito spray, mats with unit, coils with stand and a match box
12. Puja Sahitya: Bottle for Narmada Water, Agarbatti, Haldi, Kumkum, Chaval;
13. Room Heater & Water Heater

Have read book written by Shri. Suhasji Limaye, “Narmade Har | Har Narmade”, to get the feel of parikrama by walk, which also helped us in fine-tuning the travel plan. One can also read "Samporna Sri Narmada Parikrama", the book written by Shri. Sanjayji Shrivas of Amarkantak, where in the importance of tirtha on the bank of Ma Narmada is narrated with reference to purana.
Important to note
1. Maintain adequate (at least 4-6 liters) mineral water bottles;
2. Keep the fuel tank of the vehicle always full at the available petrol pump;
3. While taking food at roadside dhaba type hotels, requirement about spicy, etc shall be clearly stated (normally preparation will be more spicy); even at stay locations, being small villages/cities, need to be ordered at least before 2 hrs.
4. Looking at road conditions, forest & hilly area, try taking light food during travel; we preferred taking shev-poha, samosa, mung dal wada, potato pakoda and fruits right from the morning breakfast & taking dinner as required & available at the stay location;
5. Ensure the identity proofs are taken back;
6. Try to plan travel upto 4.30-5.00 p.m.
7. At each stay location, kindly enquire & review your plan; add if any locations can be included; Ensure route & road conditions;
8. If willing to travel through boat at reva sangam i.e. from Kathpor to Mithitalai, have some spare days in plan;
9. Chant ||
नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर || as many times as possible;
10. Try to plan such a way that you will have Ma Narmada darshan at least once in a day. Chant Narmada Nitya Path, Narmada Stuti, Narmada Ashtak & Narmada Arati. 
11. Put the banner " Narmada Parikrama" on the vehicle. It keeps us reminding that we are in parikrama & helps us in following rules of parikrama & maintain the decipline.
12. On the eay, try to get blessings from parikramavasi; offer dakshina, biscuits, etc;
13. Donate buiscuits, chocklets, note books, pencils, good usable clothes, etc to adivasis, whereever possible.
|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर ||

II - Activities & experiences

|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर ||
Activities & Experience
Talegaon Dabhade to AhmednagarOn 15th Dec. we had the offered Prasad
On 15th Dec. 2011, in the evening, we offered prasad sheera & performed kanya pujan.
On 16th Dec. 2011, in the evening, we performed the puja of our Alto car, had the blessings & best wishes from family members & neighbors & left Talegaon Dabhade at 5.45 p.m. We also had darshan at Vijay Maruti Mandir & Hajrat Garpirshah Vali Baba dargah and travelled to Ahmednagar; had dinner at Sukhsagar Restaurant & stayed at Hotel Swastik, Swastik Chowk, Station Road, A'nagar. Tel: (0241)2357575, 2418410;

Ahmednagar to OmkareshwarOn 17th Dec, we started at 7.00 a.m.; had snacks at Aurangabad; On the way had darshan & lunch prasad at old Muktai Temple, Muktainagar (Edalabad); reached Omkareshwar at around 6.00 p.m. & stayed at Bhakta-Niwas of Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan. Tel: (07280) 271204;

On 18th Dec. we met panditji Shri. Bhomeshwarji Dixit (09425333655, 09630346181). Performed darshan & abhishek at Omkareshwar; it is decided that Prasad will be prepared by him & Mr. Vijay (09977086295, 09893914285) will join us tomorrow for Sankalp puja.
Parikrama START - Dakshin tat
Day-1-19-Dec. 2011 - Mon - Omkareshwar to BarwaniLeft Bhakta Niwas in the morning; As suggested, car parked in the  parking near Gomukh ghat to avoid cross over after the Sankalp; had the Darshan & Abhishek at Mamaleshwar; had the Darshan at Omkareshwar; purchased the puja & oti sahitya; Alongwith Vijayji at Gomukh Ghat we had Narmada Puja, Oti & Parikrama Sankalp, Kanya Puja-Dakshina, Prasad (Kadhai - Shira). Taken Narmada Jal in the bottle;
Travelled to Barwani &
stayed at Hotel Anand Palace, Rajghat Road, Near Bus Stand, Opp. Gurudwara, Barwani. Tel:(02790) 222202, 09425090395, 09425090735 Alternate Gurudwara-Anand Karaj Bhavan - 09424840761, 09425982013

Petrol filled at Sanawad.
Day-2- 20-Dec - Tue - Barwani to ShahadaVisited Rajghat & Darshan at ghat temples-Eakmukhi Datta Mandir, Panchmukhi Ganesh Mandir, Runmukteshwar Mahadeo Mandir, etc; visited Bawan Gaj (बावन गज ) & various other temples; meat Met one jain digambar sant & had the blessings; visited Prakasha & Darshan at Kedareshwar & Pushpadanteshwar; Darmashala at Prakasha was not clean, hence decided to travel to Shahada; At Shahada, We could not get stay accomodation at Jain Plaza & stayed at Patel Residency, Vrindavan Chowk, Dadawadi Road, Shahada. Tel: (02565) 224222, 225000;
Petrol filled at Balziri.
Day-3- 21-Dec - Wed - Shahada to Ankaleshwar
On the way after Sagbara, visited & had Darshan at Dev Mogra, only Kunti temple in the world;
After Rajpipla, visited & Darshan at Kumbheshwar - Kumbheshwar Mahadeo,Sri Shani Mandir-Choti Moti Panavati, Narmada Mata Mandir, Sri Swami Samarth Mandir, ; here we met Sri. Ravi Soman & Kumar Chaitnya who are staying here in the temple since long, also taking care for parikramawasi; aslo we met 4 parikramawasi (2 Murti from Pune, 1 Mata from Bhor) who came from Tapovan & were in shulpani forest for almost 14 days. We got the guidance for visitng punnh-ethapit Shulpaneshwar temple (old temple under water) & accordingly visited & had the darshan; had the darshan at Hari Siddhi Mata Mandir, Rajpipla;
Travelled to Ankaleshwar; on the way, had the Darshan at Hanuman Mandir, at Gumandev;
Stayed at Hotel Sadanand, Rajpipla Chokdi, N.H.# 8, Ankleshwar. Tel: (02646) 222332, 220832 
Petrol filled at Rajpipla. 
Day-4- 22-Dec. - Thu - Part-I - Ankaleshwar to kathporIn the morning we left for Kathpor; On the way, 5 kms before Kathpr, one suggested us to have darshan at Koteshwar Mahadeo; this is the place of sangam; Accordingly we had the darshan, puja & aarati at Koteshwar Mahadeo.At Kathpor, we visited one dharmashala just close to the sea where  from Parikramawasi catches a boat and travels through the sea for 4-5 hrs. approx. to reach on Northen bank of river Narmada. We met Mahantji & had the tea prasad. Mahantji instructed to one of his shishya to accompany us & take us to reva sangam for performing Puja. Accordingly we went to the place where we saw 3-4 boats anchored in the marshy land; there was nobody other than we three; Our shishya guide suggested not to enter in the marshy land as the mud was quite slippery which will result in falling down in the mud; he brought the sangam jal in the kalash;
Then we kept out narmada jal bottle, kalash near the boat; jal from kalash taken in the bottle; my wife, Sadhana, sat down; I started to provide her agarbatti, haladi, kumkum, etc.; we had the puja, oti, aarati; and the
miracle !!!
we saw one kanya with her legs & hand full of mud, very bright face standing just in front of us; we performed her puja; had darshan; got blessings & offered her dakshina, biscuits, chocklets, cloths;
We all were blank; thought less; could not understand where from she came; It was narmada maiya came from the sangam;

Towards Uttar tat
Day-4- 22-Dec. - Thu - part-II - Kathpor to NareshwarOn the way to Nareshwar, visited bulbulakund before Bharuch; had the Darshan at Bhrigu Rishi Temple, Bharuch; had Shukleshwar Mahadeo Darshan at Shukleshwar (one can have darshan at other temples also); had Darshan of Kabirwad from Madhi.
As the accomodation at  Shri Rangavdhoot Swami Math was not clean we decided not to stay there, however had the prasad (Amati, Bhat) at the math &
stayed at Shri Rang Ashish Awas,  Nareshwar.
Day-5- 23-Dec. - Fri -Nareshwar to GarudeshwarIn the morning, we had the Darshan at Shri Rangavdhoot Swami Samadhi math at Nareshwar; it was very clean & beautiful surrounded by beautiful garden; on the way, had Darshan at Anusaya Mandir -  birth place of Dattatreya, Chandra and Durvasa; had Darshan at Chandod; has first luch prasad at Swaminarayan Temple at Chandod; had darshan & prasad at Swaminarayan temple, Chandod; Darshan at Karnali: Kuber Bhandari temple;
After reaching Garudeshwar, we stayed at Datta Mandir Sansthan Dharmashala and had Darshan at Sri Vasudevanand Saraswati Samadhi & had Sardar Sarovar Tour, which was for 2 hrs. approx.
We had dinner at Shri. Godbole's resi.
On the way / near by - may visit a amazing Bhrahmeshwar temple at Kayavarohan,  Tembeswami Kuti (
टेंबे स्वामी कुटी) at Tilakwada
Petrol filled at Garudeshwar.
Day-6- 24-Dec. - Sat - Garudeshwar to Maheshwar
In the morning, we had Darshan at Garudeshwar Mahadev, Darshan at Koteshwar Mahadev, Darshan at Ambaji / Narmada Mata Mandir, Darshan at Sri Datta Mandir
Darshan at Naradeshwar Mahadev, Sri Vasudevanand Saraswati Samadhi at Garudeshwar;
On the way, we visited & had Darshan at Hapeshwar, punarprashthapit temple near kada pani; visited & had Darshan at Koteshwar Mahadeo near Nasarapur;
As roads were not good & it was evening time, we decided to skip mandav & travelled to Maheshwar;
stayed at Kunal Hotel, 244/2, Mandaleshwar Road, Maheshwar. Tel: 07283) 273853, 09569306516 Alternate: Hotel Aashray, Main Gate, Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar, ph.07283-207141, Mr. K.K.Keshware-09826580049, Akhilesh-09926055878
On the way / near by - may visit Sriram Mandir at Mandav
Petrol filled at Kukshi.
Day-7- 25-Dec. - Sun - Maheshwar to Ujjain-Indore
In the morning we visited rajwada & had Darshan at Ram Mandir, Sahasrabahu Mandir, Rajrajeshwari Mandir, Ahilyabai Holkar Deoghar, Akhand deep; Darshan at Bethakji; seen Musium at Fort; Ghat was beautiful & clean;
On the way, at Mandaleshwar, we had Darshan at Sri Gondavalekar Maharaj Sriram Mandir, Mandaleshwar;
As our route was passing near from Indore, we decided to visit Ujjain & stay at Indore;
Accordingly travelled to Ujjain; On the way, we had Darshan at Navgrah & Shani Mandir at Baigram (near Simrol) & had Darshan at Mahakaleshwar at Ujjain; We had the dinner at roadside dhaba hotel on indore ujjain toll road &
stayed at Hotel Baba, 21/6, Chhoti Gwaltoli, Opp. Sardar Patel Statue,Indore. Tel: 09425960713, 08269975408;
should have stayed at Ujjain instead of Indore & taken a route Ujjain-38-Dewas-76-Ashta-46-Kanood-20-Khategaon-5-Sandalpur-9-Nemawar-(194);
Option can be taken to travel to Neawar by route - Maheshwar-9-Mandaleshwar-12-Dhargaon-30-Barwah-27-Katkut-20-Udainagar-24-Punjapura-29-Loharda-12-Satwas-27-Khategaon-5-Sandalpur-9-Nemawar (172).On the way / near by - may visit Ekmukhi Dutta Mandir, at SahastraDhara, 12KM from the town.
Petrol filled at Barwah.
Day-8- 26-Dec. - Mon - Indore to NemawarTravelled to Nemawar; on the way, had Darshan at Jain temple, Matmore near Chapada;
At Nemawar,
stayed at Jain Dharmashala Tel:(07274) 77818, 77991; In the evening, we had Narmada Mata Puja, Oti and Aarati; had Darshan at Siddheshwar Mahadeo Darshan; Visited Shri Vishwanath Bramhchariji ashram i.e. Shri. Gadgilji's ashram; had darshan of shri. Gadgilji;
We had dinner at internal road side dhaba type hotel; it was very spicy;

Petrol filled at Chapda.
Day-9- 27-Dec - Tue - Nemawar to Bheda Ghat
In the morning, we had Narmada Mata Darshan at Nemawar & travelled to Bheda Ghat; While entering Bhedaghat, the river cross over came just after ISKON Radhe Krishna Ashram/Dharmashala & created doubt in our mind; it is said that parikramavasi should not visit Bhedaghat as it results in crossing; we had the talk with Mr.Vijay Vishwakarma  of Shikshak Sadan & concluded that no harm in crossing the same as it's not the main river, however, one may avoid visiting Bhedaghat
stayed at Shikshak Sadan - guest house Holiday homes (managed by Mr.Vijay Vishwakarma) Alternate: Hotel Adarsh; We had the dinner at Hotel Adarsh.
Petrol filled at Shahganj & Devari.
Day-10- 28-Dec - Wed - Bheda Ghat to Amarkantak
In the morning, we visited Dhuvadhar; beautiful view; had Narmada Mata Darshan; had Darshan at 64 Yogini Mandir, beautiful temple on the hill, Shankar Parvati on Nandi; Travelled to Amarkantak; at Shahpura, we had the snacks & enquired awhether we can travel from Jogi Tikaria to Amarkantak without crossing Narmada i.e. on uttar tat (because if we go to Dindori, 5-6 kms. fro JogiTikaria, we cross Narmada, which is not valid for parikramawasi); Till Jogi tikaria road was very good but onwards the road is just in road preparation start status; Still we decided to take that road;
stayed at Jain Dharmashala Tel: (07629) 269450, 269550, which is on the north bank of the river; had dinner at hotel opp. Dharmashala, need to be ordered at least 2 hrs. before;
We contacted Shri. Sanjay Shrivas, a local shop owner of 'Narmada Sahitya Bhandar shop", person who had written a book, experience of one parikramawasi (contact suggested by Shri. Sujasji Limaye) & understood the plan for tomorrow;

Petrol filled at jabalpur.
Towards Dakshin tat
Day-11- 29-Dec - Thu Part-I - Amarkantak  
In the morning, we had the talk with Sanjayji & he agreed to accompany us & guide for darshans at Amarkantak as there is possibility of crossing over Narmada, if not knon & understood; We were on North bank of Ma Narmada; As suggested, we had the datshan at Narmada Mata Ugam Mandir from outside; then we visited Mai ka Bagicha, Ugam sthan of Narmada; There was one sanyasi sadhu standing who guided us to cross over from uttar tat to dakshin tat without crossing Narmada & introduced the panditji at Mai Ugam Mandir; we had Darshan, Puja, Oti & filled narmada jal bottle again; As we were on Dakshin tat now, we cannot go back to the parked vehicle, Shri. Sanjayji brought the vehicle on dakdhin tat & we proceeded to Sonmuda Mandir; As suggested we taken care to avoid cross over; had the darshan & proceeded to Sri Yantra Mandir, still under construction; Then, we came to Narmada Mata Ugam Mandir again, here there is seperate entrance for parikramawasi to avoid cross over; As guided, we had the darshan from outside. As suggested by Shri. Sujasji Limaye, we purchased "Jatashankri", which can be worshiped in daily puja;
Then we travelled upto one point, where onwards one need to walk on foot for 300 mtrs. approx. on dakshin tat; We walked over & Shri. Sanjayji brought our vehicle on the Dakshin tat.
Many Many thanks to Shri. Sanjayji for his wholehearted support & guidance at Amarkantak, whithout which it was not possible to avoid mistakes in crossing Narmada, which is not permitted for parikramawasi

Day-11- 29-Dec - Thu Part-II - Amarkantak to Maharajpur (Mandala)
Travelled to Maharajpur;
had dinner at Shashi Bhojanalay & stayed at Rama Raman Lodge - Enterprises; road from Amarkantak to Dindori was good, Dindori to Bichhia was bad & Bichhia to Maharajpur-Mandala was worst.
Petrol filled at Maharajpur.
Day-12- 30-Dec - Fri - Maharajpur to Hoshangabad
Road was very good except worst patch from Ghansor to Lakhanadon;
We had the lunch at roadside dhaba hotel aimmediate after toll naka at Kareli;
At Hoshangabad,
stayed at Hotel Bhagyashree,Itwara Bazar, Hoshangbad. Tel: (07574) 253697, 254815 ; we were just in time at sethani ghat to join regular narmada aarati at 7.00 p.m.;
Petrol filled at Narsinhapur.
Day-13- 31-Dec - Sat - Hoshangabad to Omkareshwar
In the morning, we had Narmada Mata Darshan at Sethani Ghat & travelled to Omkareshwar &
stayed at Bhakta-Niwas, Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan.
We had the talk with Shri. Bhomeshwarji & as per talk, Shri. Vijayji (Panditji) joined us with Puja sahitya & prasad at Gomukh Ghat, Omkareshwar for Sankalppurti Puja; Had the snan & then Sankalpa Purti Puja, Oti & Prasad, Kanya Puja at gomukh ghat.
As the time was after 4.00 p.m., jal cannot be offered to Omkareshwar, hence, it is suggested to perform Omkareshwar parikrama tomorrow morning & then half jal from the bottle to Omkareshwar & then remaining half jal to Mamaleshwar;

Petrol filled at Banapura.
Day-14- 1-Jan - Sun - In the morning, we again performed Narmada Mata Darshan & Oti puja from over the zula bridge & started Omkareshwar Parikrama; On the way, had snan at Sangam, offered chana dal at run mukteshwar temple; Parikrama completed in 3.5 hrs. approx.;
Then Darshan at Omkareshwar & half bottle Jal offered; had darshan at Mamleshwar
& remaining half bottle jal offered. Had some snacks & decided to travel to Shegaon;
Parikrama ends at Omkareshwar  || नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर हर | नर्मदे हर हर हर ||
Omkareshwar to Shegaon
We started at 12.45 p.m. from Omkareshwar on 1st Jan. 2012 & travelled to Shegaon. On the way, had Hanumanji Darshan at Balaji Temple Nadura;
Stayed at Anand Vihar at Shegaon; In the evening, had Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Darshan. Shegaon to Talegaon-Dabhade
On 2nd Jan. 2012, we started at 6.30 a.m. & reached safely back at Talegaon at 3.45 p.m. In the evening, we offered prasad sheera again.

It was Ma Narmada who took us through this parikrama with joy & with great spiritual enrichments. We had everything going positively in our way, no issues with the car (not even a puncture), no issues with the health, etc. even though we taken a majority route close to Ma Narmada, having rough roads.
|| Ram Krishna Hari ||

III - Travel plan

|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर ||
Narmada Parikrama by Car - Travel Plan
Parikrama START - Dakshin tat
From - To
Travel Route & Distance as per Google Map
Start Time
End Time
Omkareshwar - Barwani, MP
Omkareshwar-20-Sanawad-17-Beria-25-Pipalgone-21-Kasrawad-28-Thikri-25-Talwara Deb-17-Anjad-17-Barwani
Barwani - Shahada
Shahada - Ankaleshwar, Gujarat
Shahada-14-Prakasha-18-Taloda-21-Akkalkuva-25-Sagbara-5-Maya Chokadi-5-Dev-Mogra-5-Maya Chokdi-22-Dediapada-46-Rajpipla-10-Kumbheshwar-10-Rajpipla-12-Kimbheshwar-12-Rajpipla-20-Bhanodra-Gora-Shulpaneshwar-20-Rajpipla-48-Gumandev-15-Ankaleshwar
Towards Uttar tat
Ankalweshwar, Nareshwar, Gujarat
Ankaleshwar-25-Hansot-15-Katpor-15-Hansot-20-Bulbulakund-20-Bharuch-Bharuch-15-Shukla tirth-4-Nikora-6-Janor-35-Sagdol-4-Nareshwar
Nareshwar - Garudeshwar, Gujarat
Nareshwar-11-Simri-10-Sadhali-21-Segva-15-Anusaya-15-Segva-15-Chandod-10-Ten Talav-(Vadaj-Dharmapuri)-10-Banjetha-4-Karnali-4-Banjetha-10-Tilakwada-17-Garudeshwar-7-Sardar Sarovar Dam-22-Sardar Sarovar Dam-7-Garudeshwar
Garudeshwar - Maheshwar, MP
Garudeshwar-23-Naswadi-45-Kavant-12-Kada Pani-8-Hapeshwar-20-Kavant-Chhaktala-13-Alirajpur-35-Nanpur-27-Kukshi-13-Nisarpur-10-Koteshwar-10-Nisarpur-88-Dhamnod-14-Maheshwar
Maheshwar - Indore, MP
Indore - Nemawar, MP
Indore-21-Khurel-18-Chauki-16-Chapda-(Matmore, Kanood)-67-Khategaon-5-Sandalpur-10-Nemawar-240
Nemawar - Bheda Ghat, MP
Nemawar-26-Gopalpur-22-Nasrullagunj-20-Rehti-31-Budhni (99)-22-Shahganj-14-Dobi-24-Narad-6-Bari-19-Bareli-36-Udaipura (220) (Deora)-41-Tendukheda-36-Sarsala-33-Belkheda Kalan-33-Shahjpur-10-Bheda Ghat
Bhedaghat - Amarkantak
Bheda Ghat-65-Kundam-42-Shahpura-50-(Khamaria-Shahpur) Jogo Tikaria-16-Ghanamar-22-Beni Bari-30-Rajendra Gram-22-Podki-16-Amarkantak
Towards Dakshin tat
Amarkantak - Maharajpur
Maharajapur - Hoshangbad
Hoshangbad - Omkareshwar
Hoshangabad-47-Seoni Malwa-28-Timrani-18-Harda-77-Asapur-40-Khandwa-22-Desh Gaon-35-Sanawsd-20-Omkareshwar
Omkareshwar Parikrama by walk - 6 kms. Approx.


Parikrama ends at Omkareshwar  || नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर हर | नर्मदे हर हर हर ||


  1. Dear Shri.Chetanji,
    Narmade Har!
    You have done remarkable job by providing all what is needed for those who wish to perform Narmada-Parikrama by vehicle.
    Now wish you my 'All good wishes for your desire to perform Narmada-Parikrama on foot'
    Narmade Har!

  2. Narmade Har!
    Congratulations on completing the parikrama safely.
    And wishes for your next desire to do it walking.

  3. // Narmade Har //

    Congratulations on completing Narmada Maiya's parikrama also experimenting un-usual things.

    Narmade Har.

    Ramesh Birajdar

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    Congratulations on your Narmada Parikrama. My Father also Completed his Parikrama by BUS with Dharmaadhikari from Dombivli and Returned on 16th Dec 2012. I too wish to comlete the Parikrama by own car at the earliest. Narmada Maiya would grace it at the earliest.

    Narmade Har.

    Narmade Har Har

    Narmade Har Har Har

  5. Narmade Har
    Congratulations on your Narmada Parikrama . After reading wonderful Parikrama Details I really now feeling to for Mata Narmada Parikrama.Since long I gone through few books of Parikrama
    but now after reading such great exprience I too wish to do some Parikrama by walk or by own vehicle . Thanks

  6. Dear Chetanji,
    I am wondered to know that you performed this Holy Parikrama without any sangi- saathi or and driver .Your description is like a running commentry having all the details ,names of persons,hotels & contact numbers. It would be really a helpful guide to the persons who are interested in doind the Narmada Parikrama.

  7. Dear Chetanji
    You have given very useful information. I wanted to know more on the transportation of your car at Kathpur and Amarkantak. Can you please let me know? you can please reply to me on

  8. Dear Chetan,
    Congrats ! Information provided is really very very useful and encouraging to other.

  9. you inspired me for parikrama...enjoyed.

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    i am happy you did very nicely Narmada parikrama given us good information .
    Thank You.

    prakash Chandra Dwivedi

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    Narmade Har
    It is very nice experience to read this I wish to do the same by car or by walk. Pl guide me and send your cell number. My Mob No is 9765706451

    sanjay kulkarni


  13. Respected Shri Chetan Ji,

    Shri Sashtang Namaskar.

    Read your Narmada Parikrama Vritant. Abhinandan. You have not mentioned your full name, address and contact nos. Please do so.

    With regards,

    Vinod D. Muley,
    11, Lokmanya Nagar (Extension),
    Indore-452009 (M.P.)
    (R.) 0731-2361347
    (M) 9755096364
    E-Mail Id. -

  14. नर्मदे हर..
    एवढ्या कमी जागेत एवढी उपयुक्त माहिती देऊन सर्व परिक्रमोत्सुक
    वाचकांना आपण तेथे जाण्याची प्रेरणाच दिली आहे. स्वत: नर्मदा मैय्याने
    आपल्याद्वारे हे ज्ञान आम्हांस प्रदान केले आहे असे वाटते.

  15. नर्मदा परिक्रमा करण्याची खुप इच्छा आहे. पण आतापर्यंत जमेल किंवा नाही याबाबत शंका होती. वरील माहिती वाचल्यावर आता 100 टक्के जमणारच याची खात्री झाली आहे. धन्यवाद.

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  16. Dear chetanji,
    narmade har,
    Apan keleli narmada parikrama hi farach kautudaspad va chintaniy bab ahe. Naramadela javalun janun ghene va sanskrutik vaividhya samajun ghene hya sathi asa pravas farach upayukt tharato.Jodila shradhha va adhyatmachi sath asalyane safalya atal tharate.
    Punasch dhanyavad ani pudhil ayojana sathi shubhechha.

    Sharad phadke
    Vadodara .

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    Apak dwara de gaye jankari bahut hi labhadayak hai.
    SD Tiwari

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    Very use ful information for every people who wants make Parikrama V.Lakshminarasimman

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    Shriram sharma

  21. narmade har, very useful and relegious Maa Narmada Parikrama.

  22. Very useful information and a great itinerary for planning Parikrama by car. Thank you......... Abhay Tadwalkar from Toronto.

  23. Dear Chetanji
    You have given very useful information. I wanted to know more on the transportation of your car at Kathpur and Amarkantak. Can you please let me know? you can please reply to me on

  24. sir, give your cell no. so that i can contact you. We don not have any driver to cross our vehicle at Kathpur and Amarkantak. so what is the solution for our problem

  25. My mail id one can get help to cross their cars at kathpor and at amarkantak but may need some extra time as per availability of driver at kathpor

  26. Respected Shah Ji.
    Narmade Har
    It is very nice experience to read this. I wish to do the same.

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    Shradhey shri chetan ji,

    heartiest congratulations and million thanks for giving such useful information for our planned parikrama this year. sir, could you please give your contact details to help us talk to you personally and seek your guidance ? we are based at pune and are a group of 15 senior citizens planning a similar parikrama this year.

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  30. Har Har Narmade,

    Very nice write up about the parikrama Sir, the route and details about place of stay etc., My sister completed the parikaram by walk last year in 124 days. I wanted to join but could not do so. I hope and wish with the grace of Maa Narmade, my wish will get fulfilled in the near future.

  31. Har Har Narmade,

    Very nice write up about the parikrama Sir, the route and details about place of stay etc., My sister completed the parikaram by walk last year in 124 days. I wanted to join but could not do so. I hope and wish with the grace of Maa Narmade, my wish will get fulfilled in the near future.

  32. Dear ChetanJi,
    Thank you so much for guiding everyone and sharing your invaluable experience of Narmada Parikrama. We are starting our Narmada Parkrama tomorrow from Nareshwar Dham. Your blog has helped us immensely in preparing for the parikrama.

    Could you please help us with the contact number of Shri Rang Ashish Awas , Nareshwar and also any information you intend to share w.r.t registration for Parikrama from there.
    Verendra Chowdhary ( 9821053235)
    mail Id -

  33. You really inspired me do parikrama by vehicle but before I would like to do it with by walking...
    नर्मदे हर

  34. Om Namah Shivaya and Narmade Har,
    Sadar Charan Sparsh and koti koti naman.
    Wish to speak to you to seek guidance for coming summer break in May 17 to June 28th ,2016 in order to pursue this yatra by car?
    New Delhi

  35. Om Narmade Har
    Did anyone try staying at Agasteshwar Temple in Akteshwar?
    It is very nice place.

    Om Narmade Har

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    with the guidance and information provided b you on your blog, we have successfully completed our Narmada Parikrama. We would like to thank you for the same deeply. Also it would be much appreciated if you would spare some of your time and read about our Narmada Parikrama experience. (

    Thanks and Regards,
    Verendra and Seema Chowdhary

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  42. Nice description. You have written so nicely that anybody can perform the "Parikrama" by reading it. Thanks a lot for giving guidance.

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